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Tecnoinvestimenti operates nationwide providing diverse and customizable services through its three business units: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management, and Sales & Marketing Solutions. Its key shareholders of reference are connected with the world of Chambers of Commerce, ensuring an extensive knowledge of the business environment. With one thousand employees and eight offices in Italy, Tecnoinvestimenti covers all of Italy and includes companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies, trade associations, professional associations and individual professionals, also through strategic partnerships with entities operating in the area of services to companies and financial institutions.

About Us

Founded in 2009 and listed on the AIM in August 2014, over the years Tecnoinvestimenti has pursued an intense and dynamic acquisition strategy, aimed at increasing the market share of its service offer and entering related markets considered strategic. Leveraging the characteristics of its business model and the expertise gained through its integrated product and service offering, over the years the Group has achieved financial results that position it among the major players in the markets in which it operates.

Pro forma al 31/03/16* Qauarted ended al 31/03/15 Pro forma 31/12/15** Year ended 31/12/2015
Sales revenues 36.6 32.0 159.6 126.4
EBITDA 7.7 6.1 35 25.5
EBITDA Margin 21.0% 19.0% 21.9% 20.1%
Net profit 3.4 2.3 15.7 11.1
Financial debt 3.5 3.5 2.7 2.4
  • *Figures as at 31 March 2016 do not include the Visura Group’s data. Revenues including sales of Visura Group companies amount to €41,419.
  • **Pro forma figures at 31 December 2015 include the Co.Mark Group’s data.

Tecnoinvestimenti operates through three business units:

  • Digital trust

    The term Digital Trust refers to IT solutions for digital identity and process dematerialization in accordance with the applicable regulations (including the EU’s new eIDAS Regulation) through products and services including certified email, electronic storage, digital signature, electronic invoicing and solutions for the secure and simplified transmission of legal and financial documents. Digital identity is a virtual representation of the real identity, and can be used during electronic interactions with people and machines. The activities of this business unit are performed by InfoCert, a leading national Certification Authority and one of the three Identity Providers authorized to operate within the SPID system, and Visura, a company acquired in July 2016 and specialized in services for access to electronic civil and criminal records and for the secure electronic transmission of financial statements and corporate documents. Some of the solutions offered by the Digital Trust business unit meet needs that have emerged as a result of the evolution of the regulatory framework, including, in addition to the SPID system: electronic document storage, the EU eIDAS Regulation which ensures full interoperability of digital identity and digital signature at European level, and the innovations introduced by the Digital Agenda, a European initiative established in 2012 also in Italy to promote economic growth and competitiveness through digitization and to foster the sharing of public information and the creation of new services for individuals and businesses.

  • Credit Information & Management

    The Credit Information & Management business unit operates through its subsidiaries INNOLVA and RE Valuta. Innolva provides services in support of loan granting, valuation and recovery processes. The Group operates in this sector through business data search services that meet the need to acquire information for legal disclosure requirements and to consult reports for the assessment of the creditworthiness of new customers, suppliers and partners. Business information services include automated loan procedures; reports (which can be delivered online in real time) for determining the degree of solvency; information on a company’s financial statements and its receivables and payables situation, as well as real estate and cadastral investigation services for details about encumbrances on properties and land. Banks, companies operating in the financial sector (leasing, NPLs, factoring, insurance, etc.), industrial and service companies are among the business unit’s customers.
    RE Valuta provides real estate appraisals in the retail, commercial, industrial, corporate and leasing sectors to aid clients in their single transaction decision-making and overall strategic analysis of the market. The deep knowledge of the sector and the acquired know-how allow RE Valuta to provide complete due diligence for all types of real estate transactions, able to support the Customer in every strategic decision.

  • Sales & Marketing Solutions

    Tecnoinvestimenti’s Sales & Marketing Solutions business unit offers, through its subsidiary Co.Mark, acquired in March 2016, value-added services in support of SMEs and enterprise networks for the creation of business opportunities in Italy and abroad. In particular, the Group offers services that analyze foreign markets and distribution channels to identify optimal conditions for customers and facilitate contacts, the start of negotiations, the closing of orders and the management and coordination of sales networks. Co.Mark is one of the entities approved to receive Internationalization Vouchers from companies. The vouchers are an initiative launched by the government as an economic incentive to the expansion abroad of Italian SMEs.

Mission: knowledge as a business driver

Tecnoinvestimenti’s integrated offering provides an enabling platform for companies who have the will and the potential to grow. Tecnoinvestimenti aims to help them throughout this process by offering services for the management and innovative collection of information and for turning information into knowledge as a driver of business competitiveness.

In addition to mere data, we offer the added value of certification, completeness, timeliness, expertise in managing complexity, and compliance with regulations.

Growth strategy

Tecnoinvestimenti also intends to develop important synergies between the Group companies through the development of joint products and services and coordinated commercial actions on a significantly expanded customer base.
In this context, the new “Innovation & Marketing Services” Business Unit was created, which incorporates, in addition to Warrant, also Co.Mark acquired in 2016. Considering as well the Assicom Ribes commercial area (Credit Information & Management Business Unit), the Tecnoinvestimenti Group intends to exploit potential synergies in terms of cross-selling on a set of customers estimated at over 12,000 SMEs.


Tecnoinvestimenti was founded in 2009 with capital provided by the equity investments of the Tecno Holding group, owned by the major Chambers of Commerce and by Unioncamere. During the 2012 – 2014 period, the company evolved into an industrial holding company with centralized business development, strategic planning, human resources and legal department functions. In 2014 it became a joint stock company listed on the AIM market operated by Borsa Italiana. The Group, which initially held equity investments in diverse business areas ranging from IT services for businesses to infrastructure, decided to focus its development plan on digital security (Digital Trust) and on credit management and information. In March 2016, the acquisition of Co.Mark adds a third area of activity (marketing and sales support services) to the Group’s two traditional business segments.

Tecnoinvestimenti S.r.l. is established as part of a process to restructure and reorganize of the Tecno Holding S.p.A.’s business activities. Upon its establishment, the company acquires 99.999% of the share capital of InfoCert S.p.A., the capital of Italconsult S.r.l. (engineering for large infrastructure projects), and non-controlling interests in companies operating in the infrastructure sector.

Acquisition of 25% of the share capital of Sixtema S.p.A., a provider of services for the organization and administrative management of Italian small and medium enterprises. The transaction is aimed at strengthening InfoCert S.p.A.’s distribution channels.

Launch of a business plan to transform the company from a shareholding to an industrial holding company focused on the provision of business services. At the same time, the sale of the investment in Italconsult marks the beginning of Tecnoinvestimenti’s exit from the engineering services sector.

Finalization of the acquisition, started in 2012, of the controlling interest in Ribes S.p.A. from Cedacri S.p.A. Capital increase reserved for the SEC Servizi S.p.A. consortium with a view to promoting development in the banking and financial markets. The Group acquires control over Expert Links, a company operating in the credit information market.

Acquisition of Assicom S.p.A., Creditreform Ticino S.A. and Infonet S.r.l. As a result of the transaction, the Group achieves leadership in the Credit Information & Management sector and creates a business unit by the same name. Infonet strengthens the Group’s positioning in the banking market, while Assicom allows it to grow significantly in the corporate market and in the area of business to business debt collection.
On 25 June 2014 Tecnoinvestimenti changes its legal form from limited liability company to stock company. On 6 August 2014, the company is listed on AIM ITALIA, the market operated by Borsa Italiana that mainly lists small and medium-sized enterprises. 6.7 million newly issued ordinary shares are placed with institutional investors at a price of €3.40 per share for a total of €22.8 million.

Infocert increases its investment in Sixtema S.p.A. to 35% and acquires Eco-Mind App Factory S.r.l.; Assicom acquires Datafin S.r.l.; Infonet is merged by absorption into Ribes. These transactions are aimed at strengthening the positioning of Tecnoinvestimenti in the target sectors and to streamline the Group’s structure.

Tecnoinvestimenti acquires 70% of Co.Mark S.p.A., a leading provider of export services to SMEs, and 60% of Visura, specialized in services for access to electronic civil and criminal records and for the secure electronic transmission of financial statements and corporate documents.

Download the PDF with a presentation of the Group’s equity investments.

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