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The Tecnoinvestimenti Group provides a wide range of business services. The Group offers technologies and solutions for computer security, the digitization of business processes and digital identity through the Digital Trust business unit, comprised of InfoCert and Visura; services in support of loan granting, valuation and recovery decision-making processes through its companies Assicom, Ribes and RE Valuta controlled by the Credit Information & Management business unit; and added value services for the development of mostly foreign markets of Italian SMEs through the Sales and Marketing Solutions business unit, which controls Co.Mark.

Digital Trust

The Digital Trust business unit provides digital certification, electronic document storage and digital identity services through InfoCert, a leading national Certification Authority and one of the three Identity Providers authorized to operate within the SPID (Public Digital Identity System).

Credit Information & Management

Credit Information & Management services are standard and value-added services primarily aimed at supporting loan granting, valuation and recovery processes in the banking and business sectors.

Innovation & Marketing Solutions

The Innovation & Marketing Services SBU, through the subsidiaries Warrant Group and Co.Mark, offers consultancy primarily to SMEs to finance investment in innovation and to develop marketing to expand business.



Shareholders’ ordinary meeting on 24 April 2018

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Public Disclosure Requirements

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Focus on Tecnoinvestimenti:

Focus on Tecnoinvestimenti
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